A Review of Jason Wachob’s ‘Wellth: How to Build a Life, Not a Resume’



Jason Wachob’s Wellth: How to Build a Life, Not a Resume is an easy read broken down into thirteen chapters. The author defines wellth as ‘a new and more valuable life currency: a life exemplified by abundance, happiness, purpose, health, and joy.’ In the book, the author strives to show the reader how to make a mind-body connection that results in finding more happiness and overall contentment. Throughout the book, the author gives ideas on topics covering everything from eating habits to gratitude to help the reader learn how to invest in oneself. While he doesn’t bring new material to the table that one can’t find in other books on wellness in the self-help section, it’s still worth a read. Wachob places quotes throughout the text and also provides thought provoking self-reflection questions in each chapter. There are many points in Wellth where the author uses personal experiences to drive his point home; these trips down memory lane slow down the pace and are a bit boring. Overall, I would recommend this book to readers interested in personal growth and well-being. *I received this book from Blogging from Books for review.