We are not Fine.

In the spirit of Franklin’s pursuit of Moral Perfection, we as a class will pursue our own personal goals this semester. This project will count as a test grade and will last through the first week of December (begins October 1- ends December 1)


*Write down four goals you want to attain by December.
(These goals should be achievable. While I want you to dream big, don’t make a goal to run a marathon in December if you aren’t a runner.)
(These goals should require thought and effort on your part.)

*Start with the goal most important to you, OR the goal, which upon reaching, will help you in your journey to reach your other goals.

*For each goal, you must create a 5-10 step action plan. The more specific, the better.

*Each Friday for the next 9 weeks, you will reflect on your failures and accomplishments, no matter how small, in a 250-300 word response (Submitted to Canvas).

*You must join our class on Remind.

*You must upload a weekly calendar each Sunday onto Canvas detailing your plan and where/how you plan on incorporating time to work on chosen weekly goal.

*Tangible evidence of your pursuit should be provided when you submit your weekly response.

For each goal, I encourage you to…

-Find an encouraging quote/s to remind you why you are doing this.
-Set reminders in your phone everyday.
-Be proactive. Think about what we can accomplish if we cut out an episode on Netflix every night, turned our phones off thirty minutes, played intellectually stimulating games instead of mind numbing games, etc.
-Never give up. A setback is merely that… a setback. Recover and proceed as always.



The first week you will work on Goal 1. The second week you will add another goal to work on in addition to the first one. By the fifth week, we will work on achieving all four goals for the remainder of the month.




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