Review of “Never Settle for Normal”

    Jonathan Parnell has found ‘the proven path to significance and happiness’ in his book “Never Settle for Normal”. The author boldly answers the questions we all have: What is the missing piece? What are we really hungry for? What do you do when enough isn’t enough?    This Christian book is not only for the ‘glory chasers and pleasure seekers’, but for anyone struggling with his/her faith. For those who feel firmly grounded in their beliefs, it serves as a useful reminder as to what loving God is really all about. Parnell focuses on our fallen society and the continual shift away from Christian values. He describes the influence of the secular world on Christians and their mindsets as ‘stupid normal’. This new attitude contributes to the ever thinning faith of followers of Christ. Throughout his book, he makes an excellent case for Christ and includes many relatable references to literature as well as notable Christian authors and thinkers. Chapter by chapter, the author retells the story of God and his ultimate sacrifice for mankind. He never strays from the biblical story of salvation. Parnell also addresses the watering down of Christian beliefs and secular society’s need to make Christianity more acceptable to the masses. He stresses the dangers of accepting such changes and believes this is why so many are still search for something more, despite seeming to ‘have it all’.  

    Does he answer the questions so many have hidden in their hearts? Read it to find out. 

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for review. 

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