My Desire 

Loftin Price

                             My Desire

    I long for a certain attitude, a new mindset. One where each individual allows a light in and allows it to change preconceived notions. Don’t understand? Let me explain.

    I’m a white male from the state of Mississippi. I live in a small town. My favorite restaurant is Popeyes, so I eat there often. Knowing this, I would like for you to think about the scenario I’m about to present.

    I walk into Popeyes and get in line to order. Shortly after my arrival, a black male who attends the same school as me enters and joins line behind me. No words are spoken. I order, get my food, and sit down to eat. He does the same. The table he chooses to sit at is a few feet from mine. We both eat alone. I finish and leave. He does the same.

    This story needed to be told. Why? It needed to be told because that’s how most of us live on a daily basis. Still confused? 

    Our personalities and attitudes are entrapped in a cloud of darkness. It took no time for me to notice the obvious differences between the male and myself: our skin color…and maybe what we planned to order at Popeyes. We recognize a difference such as race, social class, or religion, and we let these minute details create a barrier from communication and friendship with these people who are “different” than us. Can I share some news with you? The black male in Popeyes and I have more in common than one might think. Don’t believe me? We’re both guys. We are classmates. Both of us live in the same small town. We share a love for fried chicken. We’re both American citizens. Both of us enjoy sports. Both of our bodies require the same things to survive. We breathe the same air.

    You see that? This guy and I have so much in common, yet we did not speak to each other because we let one little detail create a barrier between us. It’s all about our attitudes, our mindsets. If each of us removed this dark cloud that tells us to focus on the external differences, communities could unite through the common ground we each share.

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'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.'

One thought on “My Desire ”

  1. This is a tremendously well written piece. I applaud your confidence and insight. If more of the country could stand up and be this forth coming then we as a country, nay a species, might just have a chance. Bravo young man, Bravo!

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