Middle Man 

Cheyann Armstrong 
                                Middle Man
Day 87 out of I forget how many.

Same cold desk and white walls.

I have been here so long I have 

Become numb.
Numb. numb to the outside world.

Do they not care about me?

All I know is how to find why X hates Z.
Do I choose letter A or C?

Why do they not care about me?

I try and try, but it’s not enough.

This district better stay an ‘A’.
But, hey, as long as Middle Man is 

Happy you are doing good.

It does not matter if you came from the 


State test are all that need to be understood.
Test. A word that now brings fear. 




I get it; I better do my best.

My well being? Oh, the Middle Man

Could care less.
A pat on the back, a thing I’ll never get.

I could leave. Forget it all. No more tests.

I don’t want to face the downfall. 

God, why so many tests?
I swear I’m trying my best.

How do I do my best on a

Test I wasn’t prepared for? 
Enough! I want to actually learn.

Teach me the ACT.

I need to be a better me…
Me. Middle Man, why don’t you care

About me?

I do my every test my very best.

You drive me crazy.
You sit there and call me lazy.

Sleep is a rare visitor all because I

Try to be better. For you Middle Man!
Middle Man why can’t you see…

See that you are slowly killing me.

Killing my dreams.

God please let me be.
God middle man why can’t you let me be me…

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'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.'

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