Review of Finally Focused 

James Greenblatt and Bill Gottlieb present a natural treatment plan for ADHD in Finally Focused. This book is an excellent source for anyone searching for alternative methods to treating the symptoms of ADHD without resorting to medication. Part I of the book details the Plus-Minus Healing Plan created by Dr. James Greenblatt. In the first eleven chapters, he details the effects of adding various minerals to one’s diet. He gives first hand accounts of patients who use the minerals mentioned and shows how these minerals help alleviate specific ADHD symptoms. In addition to including case studies, he explains in depth exactly how the specific mineral treats the symptom/s and goes as far as explaining the differences in an ADHD brain versus the brain of someone who does not have ADHD. For those who need further convincing, the ample evidence he provides to support his treatment plan is such that one should have no qualms about at least trying the program. A multitude of scientific studies are provided, which can be difficult to wade through at times. The second part of the book is a brief two chapters and addresses prescriptions commonly used to treat ADHD and also discusses the use of behavioral therapy. I found this book to be a great reference, and I particularly appreciate the Step-by-Step Action Plan for Healing ADHD provided at the end of each chapter which recaps the highlights of the chapter.  

*I received this book from Blogging from Books for review.

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